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Had a great time presenting an innovative pastry demo in Kansas City this past July with fellow chef author Eric Stein. We had over 100 attendees all of whom seemed to be very impressed with our dishes and techniques that we shared. The photos are of my two dishes. The savory dish is a fried soft shell crab with gnocchi Parisenne (made with pate au choux) in a mustard cream sauce with royal red rock shrimp. It is served on a lattice of blanched zucchini garnished with a Manchego cheese straw. This dish utilizes three pastry techniques for a seafood course. Baked plum hazel nut tart is the second photo and it is topped with phyllo purse filled with black berry and figs in a port wine sauce. The dessert is served on a lemon champagne sabayon swirled with black berry merlot gastrique. The gastrique is made with a Spanish merlot vinegar which  yields a sweet and tangy finish, a perfect contrast to the warm dessert.