Chocolate dessert table by Chef Daniel Pliska
Chocolate dessert table by Chef Daniel Pliska
Grilled shrimp with cucumber yogurt salad and charred tuna with white beans by Chef Daniel Pliska
Photo by Kim Wade

The way of the chef is my new blog site dedicated to the advancement and sharing of traditional culinary and pastry arts. This site will feature both my work in the pastry and culinary arts and the work of other professional chefs and pastry chefs.

In our present age of instant social media connections and mass media exposure of the food net work much of what is true culinary and pastry arts is lost. Main stream TV shows, select for profit schools and the advent of ”the celebrity chef” has pushed the pursuit of a career in culinary and pastry arts to an all time high. This is a good thing! Since those of us who live our lives as professional chefs and pastry chefs do it for the passion of culinary and pastry arts. However that being said many young students and novice cooks, bakers and pastry students need to know that it takes years of hard work, personal sacrifice and most of all practice, practice, practice to become proficient at our craft. Additionally the techniques, skills and natural food products that are the backbone of what a chef or pastry chef uses have been around for generations. These are what will be displayed and appreciated on this blog in order to show those who are starting out in the profession or those who like me never tire of  viewing culinary and pastry arts.  This is “The way of the Chef” and there are many of us now and throughout history that have worked and lived in this timeless profession of passionate cooking and pastry making. Enjoy this blog, spread and share what you learn and what you know with others.

Yours in all things culinary,